B2H3 104 Unnecessary Verbiage

My most esteemed and revered colleagues of the Society of Hares and Hounds Hashing – Chapter Los Anchorage,  let me begin my missive by admitting and heretofore expressing my most sincere regrets and apologies.  It has come to my attention, both explicitly and by virtue of nature (that I by happenstance looked at a calendar), that it is deep in the cycle of your desire, nae desperate need for fulfillment, of information relating to our next and most immediate event!  How have I neglected until this Thursday to perform my most necessary and sacred duties as Secretary of the On-On; that is, how have I neglected to transmit the most intimate details of our next rendezvous, scheduled prior to be two days future – namely this Saturday (a hashing day).  So, in the spirit of the notice provided me, namely to get off my ass and post the damn dets, I provide for you in the most perfunctory manor and as plainly as possible, with restraint in the department of enthusiastic description, I do offer up to Our Society the most important and relevant information currently in my possession about this Saturday’s hash.

WHO: Unnecessary Penetration and Banana Nut Bred
WHAT: B2 104
WHEN: Saturday 12 December 13:00 – Hares Away 13:30
WHERE: Blue Fox Cocktail Lounge WHY: Because winter!

Reverse Shuttle (Agana Style!) from B-A, Dogs on trail not at circle, ID for circle, kiddos ok but you know – Circle is at the Fox and APD doesn’t approve of kiddos being supervised in the parking lot of a bar by the family hound (fascists).  Hash Cash is only $5

It happens that this is Penny’s last B2 trail.  It wouldn’t hurt you to think of a way to say Aloha.

B2H3 103 The Commendante

It’s now Friday evening, deep into the sabbath, in which I know you is all deeply and respectfully taking time away from work.  And for the rest of you who are still encumbered by The Itis it all good.  Tomorrow we work for you.  You show up at de renard bleu and we put yo ass in a car an drive it to trail.  Den you run yo ass back to dat fox fo more beer an maybe we do dat circle.  Oh maybe just a jazz band.

WHO: Banana Nut Bread & George Fernando
WHAT: 103rd run
WHEN: IN 12 hours? 26 November 2016 @ 1300 – 1330 hares away
WHERE: Go to the Blue Fox.  Transport leaves by car at 1330.  WHY: To work off the Spanksgiving feast

B>A.  Dogs (not at circle). No Strollers. Ice spikes/cleats recommended.  A change of clothes is always smart.  $5

Next! Unnecessary Penetration hosts her own on out the first B2 trail in December. After dat?  Christmas Eve – you want it?


Welcum Sister Hasher

Cum one, cum all, glove up and give our newest named hasher High Five! (née Just Hannah)

B2H3 101: Make it a Habit

50016100140__a7e0ec5a-42e2-4305-8a71-16b0e2fb0a63Normally, this is where I make up something that I think is pithy, hoping to convey my excitement and enthusiasm for the upcoming trail.  Today I think it’s best if I just share the exchange I had with the hare and you can make up your own mind about what to do.

gDOAbm: Make it a habit! Trail starts at University Lake Park, on Elmore.  ID required.  No dogs, no strollers.  Cleats and ice skates strongly recommended.

UncleB: Skates?

gDOAbm: Mostly a joke.  There is lake ice on trail.

There you have it folks.  Bring out your finest nunwear for the shiggiest this shoulder season can offer.  going Down On A bull moose and Rojo Hammer Toe all the way from squarebanks are showing it off for us to show off.

Saturday 1300 – Hares at 1330 – Nun costumes highly encouraged.  Hash cash is always $5.

Rojo is going to be in town for the weekend so be prepared for extra credit events!


Welcum Brother Hasher

Join us in giving a rousing B2 welcum to the latest George to join us – OLD FACEFUL (née George Andrew).  Buy him a beer and ask him to tell you a story!

Team Bear Bottom

Aloha race-ists!  Here’s yet another opportunity to nerd out with metrics for running.  Some of you already use Strava to track your runs.  Now there’s a way for us all to track the hashes.  Yup, we’re a Strava Club! http://strava.com/clubs/b2h3 Hopefully this will give us a good way to record where we run so future hares can explore new areas!  Or revisit old favorites.

B2H3 101: 1st Anal Hash-O’Face-Ween Creepy Clown Pub Crawl

Event name: 1st Anal Hash-o-Weenie B2 Creepy Clown Pubcrawl

Cum one and all to the 1st ever B2 pubcrawl. Subaru in My Hoo Hoo and Matthew McKindagay have been terrified, nay inspired by the spook-tacular creepy clown sitings across the US and we want to chance getting shot by anti-clown vigilantes. #clownliversmatter. Gear up in your costume of choice, prizes for best/worst and get ready to brave Anchorage’s finer establishments.

Where: Crossroads Lounge (It’s Where Friends Meet)
When: 1600 or 4pm
What: Costume encouraged happy fun time. A-A or A.5.

ID: Definitely

Dogs: not unless you want to tie them up outside stops

Kids: Let’s make some new babies

Money: $5 hash cash. Hares will provide some beer, but once we run out you’re on your own.